The Street Art House: Event Recap

The Street Art House is a pop-up gallery and art auction, providing street artists and muralists with the opportunity to showcase new works for collectors and curators.  

The inaugural group show, hosted by Paper and Fabric and Desiree Pakravan from the LA Art Show, featured 8 fascinating artists - Christina Angelina, Rolland Berry, Calen, FISHE, Hagop, Colette Miller, Hans VALØR and Wrdsmth. This curated exhibition recognizes both the public and private value of art through the journey of each street artist, featuring paintings, mixed media collages, prints, sculpture, and beyond.

In further recognition of street art's public value, the pop-up gallery also supports art / education nonprofits. The Street Art House #1 benefited LA's BEST, the great nonprofit providing innovative after school education to 195 schools and 30,000 students in need. 



October 19, 2014 by Paper and Fabric Team

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