Street Artist Interview: ALEX INC.
PF: What city do you live in? 

ALEX: Los Angeles, CA

PF: When did you start art and/or street art?
ALEX: I'd say I've pretty much been a creative since birth.

PF: Why did you start art and/or street art? What was your inspiration? 
ALEX: My first public tags were actually in NYC '93 in phone booth and subway platforms. Just inspired by the street culture and the grit of the installation...just felt you were part of something bigger.

PF: How would you describe your art? Are there common themes that connect your work? 
ALEX: I would describe my work as a blend of mediums. I love graphic design, digital media and typography and the visuals you get when layering those as a collective. I try to articulate and play with themes of fame, personal success and pop culture and the role that irony plays in that.

PF: What is your favorite city to work in? 
ALEX: That's a tough question as I draw inspirations from moments instead of locations. I'd probably say New York because of it's rich culture and histortic impact on art.

PF: What are your goals as an artist? 
ALEX: My personal goals are to be able to provide a life thru paint. To continually challenge my skill set in discovery and not to fear exploring other genres and mediums.

PF: What is your dream art project? 
ALEX: My dream art project is to actually build a full service studio for artists and owned by artists.

PF: What has been one of the most interesting reactions to your street art, either as you were putting up new work, or afterwards? 
ALEX: Art imitating life...the day Verne Troyer and his manager reached out about a collaboration after seeing my MINIFAME pasteups around Los Angeles.

PF: Who are your favorite artists? 
ALEX: My favorite artists vary from contemporary artists like Gerhard Richter to identity designer Mackey Saturday. Photographer Van Styles, Abstract Expressionist Cy Twombly, Realist Chuck Close....too many to list Ha!

PF: Tell us another interesting about yourself (doesn't have to be about art)... 
ALEX: I invented, pantented and sold a fertilizing lawn mower when I was thirteen.

You can browse the Paper and Fabric x ALEX INC. Collection here

May 26, 2016 by Paper and Fabric Team

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