Dripping Brushstrokes (Version 2.0) Limited Edition Print

$ 125.00

Artist RAUL33

This rare, extra large limited edition silkscreen print is being released as part of Italian artist Raul33's first solo show in Los Angeles, CA. Featuring the artist's classic brushstrokes + drips and a pop of color, the print is sure to be a statement piece in any room. The unique features include a one inch border with the exception of a full bleed UV red ink, giving the impression of wet paint.

Materials and Dimensions:

Limited edition, signed and numbered silkscreen print with UV ink.

100lb French Starch White Paper.

30" x 10".

Edition of 50 (plus 5 Artist Proofs).

About the Artist:

Gesture is the key element of Raul33’s works – instinct, speed, color, emotional dirtying, passionate streaks, hugs of the brushstrokes.

Raul33 paints with a primitive speed since his art is a way to materialize an emotion.
Born in Pescara, Italy, Raul33 is a citizen of the world.
From walls to paper, from glass to plastic, from newspaper to lined notebook used in schools, Raul33’s canvases are ever far-reaching.

He has exhibited across the world, following a debut at the prestigious Art Basel in Miami, FL.