My Money's On Grace Original Painting

$ 6,000.00

Artist Julia Taft


This piece is inspired by the quote, "one giant leap for mankind."  I chose Neil Armstrong and his moon landing, along with Grace Jones' legs to portray her groundbreaking gender roles that are yet to be broken.  The high heels are boxing gloves inspired by the famous boxing photo feature of Grace Jones in Paper Magazine. 

Materials and Dimensions:

22" x 30" cold press paper acrylic ink and oil.


Julia Taft is a German Fijian-Japanese artist who works with acrylic, oil, pastel and spray paint. She mixes neo-expressionism and realism  as seen in her character series. She is a diverse artist who fell in love with all of it, from creating street art to large installations. Taft’s art includes poetry to convey issues on socioeconomics, racism and feminism. These dichotomies and concepts are all based from all of her own experiences. At the very heart of Taft’s Art is her ability to be vulnerable.