Mickey, There's A Clean Up on Aisle Mid-Century Post-Modernism Original Painting

$ 8,000.00

Artist Julia Taft

Materials and Dimensions:

22" x 30" cold press paper acrylic ink and oil.


This is part of a character series created to explore the fallible side of humans. What we portray to the world and what we tuck away. The contrast of oil painted fine arts figures against neo-expressionistic figures helps portray that. The quote that propels this series is “smoke and mirrors...”  Elvis and Mickey are two very different figures I wanted to put in the same category and juxtapose with a variety of colors and shapes to let viewers impose what they may be thinking and feeling.  I wanted to blend these iconic images to portray a child-like way of viewing fame, the other personas behind these figures and what we make them represent. 


Julia Taft is a German Fijian-Japanese artist who works with acrylic, oil, pastel and spray paint. She mixes neo-expressionism and realism  as seen in her character series. She is a diverse artist who fell in love with all of it, from creating street art to large installations. Taft’s art includes poetry to convey issues on socioeconomics, racism and feminism. These dichotomies and concepts are all based from all of her own experiences. At the very heart of Taft’s Art is her ability to be vulnerable.