"Mickey, There's A Clean Up on Aisle Mid-Century Post-Modernism" Limited Edition Print

$ 125.00

Artist Julia Taft
SKU: SP-477


This print is based off of the original (click here) piece painted by Julia Taft which is part of a character series created to explore the fallible side of humans.  The quote that propels this series is “smoke and mirrors...”  Elvis and Mickey are two very different figures I wanted to put in the same category and juxtapose with a variety of colors and shapes to let viewers impose what they may be thinking and feeling.  I wanted to blend these iconic images to portray a child-like way of viewing fame, the other personas behind these figures and what we make them represent. 

Limited edition, signed set of 12, 3 Artist Proofs.

Materials and Dimensions:

19" x 24.5", 300gsm, 100% rag cotton., Available framed or unframed. 


Julia Taft is a versatile artist based in Los Angeles. Taft creates illustrations, large scale installations and paintings.  Her goal is to inspire, bring up discussion around mental health awareness and support “Arts and Education”.