Dripping Brushstrokes (Version 2.0) Limited Edition Print

$ 125.00

Artist RAUL33
SKU: SP-283

This rare, extra large limited edition silkscreen print is being released as part of Italian artist Raul33's first solo show in Los Angeles, CA. Featuring the artist's classic brushstrokes + drips and a pop of color, the print is sure to be a statement piece in any room. The unique features include a one inch border with the exception of a full bleed UV red ink, giving the impression of wet paint.

Materials and Dimensions:

Limited edition, signed and numbered silkscreen print with UV ink.

100lb French Starch White Paper.

30" x 10".

Edition of 50 (plus 5 Artist Proofs).

About the Artist:

Gesture is the key element of Raul33’s works – instinct, speed, color, emotional dirtying, passionate streaks, hugs of the brushstrokes.

Raul33 paints with a primitive speed since his art is a way to materialize an emotion.
Born in Pescara, Italy, Raul33 is a citizen of the world.
From walls to paper, from glass to plastic, from newspaper to lined notebook used in schools, Raul33’s canvases are ever far-reaching.

He has exhibited across the world, following a debut at the prestigious Art Basel in Miami, FL.