Street Artist Interview: Made of Hagop
PF: What city do you live in? 
Hagop: Venice, CA.

PF: When did you start art and/or street art? 
Hagop: Art since 2001 and street art early 2015.

PF: Why did you start art and/or street art? What was your inspiration? 
Hagop: I started art because I had to. I started street art because it is a powerful medium of expression and it is for and includes everyone.

PF: How would you describe your art? Are there common themes that connect your work? 
Hagop: I create creatures with their animal totems. They are like protectors. The common themes in my work are human forms of different cultures/races, animals.

PF: What is your favorite city to work in? 
Hagop: Venice, CA.

PF: What are your goals as an artist? 
Hagop: To inspire others and help people understand that we are all a part of the same energy.

PF: What is your dream art project? 
Hagop: To take over a Metro station.

PF: What has been one of the most interesting reactions to your street art, either as you were putting up new work, or afterwards?
Hagop: As I was putting up one of my pieces a homeless man strikes up a conversation telling me how my work reminds him of some street art he had seen in Paris in the 80's when he used to live there.

PF: Who are your favorite artists? 
Hagop: Eva Hesse, Joesph Beuys

PF: Tell us another interesting about yourself (doesn't have to be about art)... 
Hagop: I have a BA in Mathematics.

 You can browse the Paper and Fabric x Hagop Collection here


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